Positive Balance of (Yarn) Trade

Like any good knitter, I can’t resist stash building (I have a considerable amount of yarn on the way from DBNY–can’t wait). At the same time, I want to use up/move out yarns that I’m not as excited about. So, I’ve got a few projects in mind to use up some odds and ends, mostly older acrylic yarns. Even if I don’t reduce the overall volume of my stash, I will hopefully increase the overall quality! Here are my current “stashbuster” ideas:

Not a crazy list so far, but it’s a start. I made one of the preemie hats yesterday:
stashbuster preemie hat

It proved quick and easy. My daughter claimed it right away for one of her “babies” so I just started another one to give away.

I also finished weaving in the ends on the Bel et Bon mitts I was working on. I’m fairly happy with how they turned out:

bel et bon mitts

So yesterday was a productive day!

Next up will be either Quicksilver or Not A Buff, depending on what yarn I get first.

NOTE: This post was originally published on Blogher on 7/5/15, but I’m relocating to wordpress.


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