I’m Not Holding Out on You

Well, maybe I am, just a bit. What I will say is that I have knitted a bona fide pair of socks. Yep, I did that. The only steps remaining are to block them and then find someone not attached to my feet to take pictures of them being modeled! In the meantime, here’s a little tease:  

While I’m waiting for the yarn to finish my Drachenfels, I’m going to catch up on everyone else’s blogs (I’m behind) and knit a little on my Clapotis. 

More pics and discussion coming soon!



  1. pkcacciola · September 18, 2015

    Love them! Gorgeous! They are sure to brighten up someone’s day with that cheery yellow color 🙂 Are they for you you? Did you say a big hip-hip-hooray when you were done? I was so excited when I finished my first sock that I danced around wearing it with a big silly smile on my face. My husband thought I was crazy 🙂

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    • alexand knits · September 18, 2015

      They are for me! I made my wife try the first one on when it was done. She said “it feels….socky.” She’s not as enthusiastic as I am about all this stuff (hence the blog as outlet). I was pretty psyched, though!

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      • pkcacciola · September 18, 2015

        My husband is the same way 🙂 However, he is encouraging! He always asks me when I’m going to start an Etsy shop…LOL

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      • alexand knits · September 18, 2015

        Thank goodness for fellow knitting bloggers! I’m never nervous that no one’s going to care about whatever cool little new detail I post about!

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  2. Kepanie · September 18, 2015

    Yay! You’re done!


  3. Bekki Hill · September 18, 2015

    WOW! That was quick. Oh yes, hard to take pics of your own feet. look forward to seeing them blocked.

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  4. Tamera L · September 18, 2015

    I have feet! (Just sayin’… ) Those look SO COMFY. Great job!

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  5. Lindsey · September 18, 2015

    I finally got myself some sock yarn, and I’m so amped to start my first pair for myself! Great job, yours look so soft & comfy!

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    • alexand knits · September 19, 2015

      I’m pretty pleased with them, thanks! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress! What yarn did you choose?


      • Lindsey · September 19, 2015

        I chose Knit Picks Hawthorn. I got it on sale when I got my Bloomsbury yarn:)

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  6. soknitsome · September 19, 2015

    Lovely, well done!

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  7. MrsKirstyHoll · September 19, 2015

    Looks fantastic 🙂 Well done! I’m still trying to figure socks out.

    Out of interest (I’m trying to figure out method preference):
    Did you knit top to toe or toe to top?

    Did you use DP or circular needles?


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    • alexand knits · September 19, 2015

      Thanks! I did tincanknit’s Rye Socks (free on ravelry). It’s a basic, traditional cuff down pattern. I used dpns for the ribbing on both socks as well as for the first half of the first sock. After that I got fed up (because the set of dpns I have in that size is really crappy) and started using a circular and doing magic loop instead.

      I’ll probably stick with cuff down for the time being, until I’m really comfortable with it. I know Maggs is starting toe up for her next pair!

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  8. Maggienesium · September 21, 2015

    Congratulations!!! They look lovely and have the distinction of being the fastest I’ve ever seen a pair of socks come together 🙂

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    • alexand knits · September 21, 2015

      Yay for worsted weight! They definitely did come together quickly. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m off work and unable to do a lot of physical stuff. I’ve had a lot of time to knit! Thank you 🙂

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      • Maggienesium · September 23, 2015

        It also helps you’re a bad ass knitter with good intuition 😀

        I’ve just rediscovered worsted weight – it feels so huge after sock weight yarn but it’s pretty fun to knit. I’m using some worsted weight yarn to make a hat for my missus and I’m so loving it!

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      • alexand knits · September 23, 2015

        Kinda crazy how fast it goes, right? On the other hand, I’m using DK for the shawl for my MIL. It’s going quickly but the needles seem so huge and unwieldy!

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      • Maggienesium · September 23, 2015

        Before last May I’d only ever knit with worsted before, so I had no idea how good I had it in terms of speed 🙂 I’m kind of excited to get some DK when there is more space in the yarn bin. It seems like a happy median between worsted and sock – but yeah compared to worsted, it probably feels really weird on the needles.

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