Testing, Testing 123

I’ve  been doing tons of test knitting lately. I have at least two finished test items to show in the near future, just as soon as I can get my act together! I have three more active tests going or starting shortly and one or two more for December/January.

For anyone interested, the Tunbridge Hat pattern has been released (one of my recent tests). It’s a great pattern, easy but has a lot of visual interest. It would be a great way to do cables for the first time if anyone is looking for that!

Other things I have going on are a lot of gift knitting projects. I’m almost 25% done the car blanket for my FIL and I’m nearly done the crab hat (so cute). I hit a snag last night with the Color Dipped hat and I am currently uncertain how to proceed. I guess I did the wrong row for a bit on one section and it was just turning out wonky. I dropped a couple stitches down individually and worked them back up but it was still a problem. So, I thought it would be a good ide to drop down a whole section and work it back up. Well, I did and as soon as I started the repair, it became clear to me that there’s no way I can do it that way. It’s just too fiddly and I can’t tell which strand is which and everything’s twisted and ohmygarsh I can’t even bring myself to take a photo to show it here it’s that painful. So I think I will need to insert a lifeline and rip out several rows and redo. I’m not upset about redoing it, but I can’t quite figure out how to get the lifeline in yet…I don’t want to talk about it!!

Anyway, I also have my stocking commission job to do. I got the pattern and the prototype this weekend and bought yarn for it yesterday. I will need to give that situation a separate post. By the way, I use the word “commission” lightly here. I’m charging a token amount compared to the amount of time it will take. I’m mostly doing it as a favor and for fun. I don’t think I could ever be a fast enough knitter to actually profit from it! Also, at this point, that’s not where I see myself heading. Knitting is my sanity right now and I don’t want to put any pressure on that.

Speaking of sanity, it’s been a really rough few days. I had an almost comically awful appointment with a specialist on Friday that pretty much tore me down, then had major physical setbacks that same day from lifting my daughter a bunch of times (couldn’t really by avoided). So I’ve spent the weekend trying to recover from those as well as get through my daughter’s third birthday. That part was fun, for sure, but involved a lot of activity, being social, and doing stuff physically that wasn’t helpful. All of that for me is very draining. So, any love and healing thoughts you want to throw my way are much appreciated!!

I will put together some new posts highlighting my FOs and with other updates when I’m not on my phone and when I have a better wifi connection later. Please let me know if there are any faulty links or anything. I just really wanted to get a post up as I find that doing so helps me get my knitting in focus, which in turn helps me get better at life in general. Plus, the connection I’ve found with others through blogging is very valuable to me and I wanted to put some energy into that.

Happy knitting!



  1. Tamera L · November 16, 2015

    Mojo, both in your knitting and your healing.

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  2. Ariel · November 16, 2015

    I totally understand the commission thing. I was once commissioned to make two full length doctor who scarves. Miles of garter. And for the month it took while giving it full project monogamy, I got $20. Not worth it. For my love (who has a scarf of his own), yes, but for strangers? No.

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