FO Spotlight: Christmas Stocking

My intarsia woes are over, at least for now! Today I finished the last of my commission* piece. I can’t seem to get any decent pics of it, but I’m going to go ahead and share it here anyway while I have a moment.

Let me say first off that I had some serious limitations with this project. As I mentioned previously, the stocking needed to match one already made in pattern, size and detail as much as possible. So, I pretty much had to use Red Heart Super Saver and knit at a very loose gauge since the other stocking is enormous. The pattern isn’t one I would have chosen for either aesthetics or construction and, given the chance, I would certainly have added some post-knitting embellishments. Given all that, I’m very happy with my work!

The rundown

Pattern: Candide Old Fashioned Christmas Stocking

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver. I used 109 yards of Cherry Red, 98 yards of Aran and 116 yards of Hunter Green. Those totals include yarn used to make two small pompoms.

Size made: Extra giant via large needles

Needles: US10.5

Techniques used: Intarsia! And duplicate stitch, pompom making, and somehow turning a heel on a sock knitted flat.

Modifications: None

Ravelled: Here.

The pretty


This project has inspired me to want to make stockings for my family for next year!


*I use the word “commission” pretty loosely here. It was at least half favor.



  1. Ariel · November 22, 2015

    It’s so cute! I’m all about stranded stockings with Scandinavian designs and snowflakes. I can’t get enough of color work snowflakes

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  2. bonnyknits · November 23, 2015

    Love it! And the half favor commissions are the most fun, because they’re usually family/friends! 🙂

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  3. afthead · November 25, 2015

    I knit stockings for my family a few years ago and they were so fun! I loved the pattern I used. It’s by “knitting pure and simple” and is their “Easy Christmas Stocking.” No intarsia, but a basic pattern you could embellish however you want. I made retro stripy ’70s socks.

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