Hang On and Knit

Now that Christmas is really seriously lurking, I’m getting into the groove and trying to just knock some stuff out. One can hope that this knitting spree will be quickly followed by a finishing and blocking spree but I guess that remains to be seen. I still have to finish the blanket for my FIL (about 75% of the knitting is done), block the Color Dipped Hat (I wove the ends in the other day) and then I have two more gifts to make, start to finish. I’m still in planning stages for those but I’m going to try to keep them on the simple side.

The test knitting continues, too. I’ve got a hat on the needles, a spring cardigan that needs ends woven, buttons sewn and blocked, and a raglan pullover that’s probably about 30% done (all child-sized). I have yarn picked out for a Wayfarer Hat test (will match the Passport Mitts) but just haven’t gotten it wound yet. I’ve got a Fair Isle yoked (kids) pullover and a shawl coming up after Christmas that promise to keep me busy. More on those once I get some of them actually completed!

I arbitrarily decided the other day that my Drachenfels is officially finished. I had kept it back because I had this illusion that I would block it. However, I’m not willing to take it off long enough for that to happen! So, I added that to the FOs.


I’m participating in a mini swap over at Carol E. Herman Designs. I haven’t sent my package off yet so can’t share details here yet, but I can say that it’s been both challenging and fun! The swap packages include a mug or cup, a handcrafted coaster or cozy and whatever treats the sender wants to include. A nice detail is that you aren’t supposed to include more than will fit in the actual cup, in order to keep expenses down. I like that it’s a way to make a fun surprise for someone without having a lot of pressure to spend a ton on it. I have my item made (but classically not completely finished) and have assembled all but one of the other things so, with any luck, I should be able to send it off on Monday. Once my swap partner has received it, I’ll tell you all about the process and some of the stumbling blocks I hit.

I mentioned in a previous post that I won a copy of the pattern e-book The Tea Collection by Clare Devine, right? Well, I did, and the patterns are all really cool. I haven’t actually started any of them yet, even though I was really excited to do so. Why not? Well, I’m having stash issues. Don’t get me wrong–I have plenty of yarn. It’s just that it’s all in the wrong quantities. I either have a skein or a partial skein of something, or I have six skeins of it. In the first case, it’s not quite enough and in the second, it’s too much. I have this idea that I’ll make a larger project out of the bigger quantity of yarn, so I shouldn’t use just a skein or two to make a hat. Also, I seem to have a disproportionately large amount of cotton and cotton blends which aren’t really great for winter hats. So, as soon as I resolve my stash problem–and please don’t ask me how I’m going to do that, as I have no idea–I will get something going from that book.

In the meantime, Sammy says just keep knitting!

IMG_3799 2

Photo copyright Callandra S. Cook



  1. mulchandmorecrafts · December 12, 2015

    Everything looks great, really like your colors and pattern choices.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stefanie · December 13, 2015

    Aw, that mug swap was one I had wanted to participate in from seeing the last year’s. But I took Thanksgiving off and missed the sign up. I guess next year then. I have a lot of blocking to do too. Gonna get stated tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paula @ Spin a Yarn · December 14, 2015

    You sound as busy as I am! I can’t wait to finish up Christmas knitting and start back on my personal projects. I also have a test coming up for another shawl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Andrea @ This Knitted Life · December 14, 2015

    knit knit knit knit! That’s how I feel, anyway. My poor fingers.

    Liked by 1 person

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