It’s Knitting That Makes the World Go Round

I have a heartwarming knitting vignette to share, as well as updates on what’s on the needles currently and what’s barreling down the pike. So far I’m keeping up with my crazy test knitting commitments using a method somewhat foreign to me: organization.

But, first things first. My mom is also a knitter (hi, Mom!). She shared a story with me that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. For many years, she has made handknit prayer shawls. She puts a lot of thought and love into them. She makes them in different colors and different patterns so that there will always be something for everyone. She then donates them to a ministry at her church. Then, they are given to people who are going through rough times and need a little extra love and care. Most of the time, she never knows who they go to.

Well, the other day she got this email:

Just found out yesterday afternoon that your shawl has inspired someone in New Orleans to start a ministry in her Presbyterian church there!  My neighbor sent shawl to her step mother in NewOrleans. Her best friend saw it and got my phone number and called to get information on how to start a group! She said the recipient was so touched she cried when she saw the shawl,and that touched her to want to start a group!

Wow! Your shawl not only blessed that lady but because of it others will also be blessed!

This, dear readers, brings the joy of knitting full circle. It made my mother happy to knit the shawl and it made someone else happy to receive it. The recipient’s friend will no doubt get a sense of fulfillment from starting a new prayer shawl ministry. Then, the cycle starts all over again with new knitters and new prayer shawls.

I love that both the process of knitting and the finished results are able to have such a positive impact on people. I made a connection the other day when someone at my LYS was discussing this NYT article about the benefits of knitting: knitting, for me, helps with pain relief. It helps take my mind off it and also gives me an emotional boost. Knitting endorphins? I totally buy it. The act of giving someone else a knitted item has its own sense of reward, as well. Hopefully the item itself brings the recipient joy and, if that person is really knitworthy, it makes them feel loved and cared for because they understand the love that went into making it.

So, some of the knitted joy occupying my time (now that I have two shawls done) is the Lancashire Dream test knit. It’s a top down raglan cardigan that will be for my daughter. It’s going to be really hard to photograph until it’s off the needles and blocked, but here’s a glimpse at my progress:


It rolls and curls every which way because of all the stockinette and reverse stockinette fighting each other. But, it’s going to be very cute once I get it all flattened out!

I interrupted my test knitting mania to knock out a pair of boot cuffs for the wifey for V Day. I’ve got one done and the second well under way. I’m using the skein of Cascade 220 I got in my giant yarn score last week. It’s turning out to be a great yarn for this pattern. It’s soft but has a rustic look to it and, despite the tweediness, is working well for the cables.

The pattern I’m using is UGG HUG Boot Toppers and is a free ravelry download. If I have enough time, I’m going to make a second pair using this Helmikuu Boot Toppers pattern.

I’ve got a few more updates but I think that’s enough for one evening! So, happy knitting and I leave you with some cuddling kitties:IMG_5215IMG_5219IMG_5223


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  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn · February 11, 2016

    Aww…that is a story that warms the cockles of the heart 🙂 Great projects! I didn’t even think to knit my hubby anything since I’ve made him a hat and a cowl he wears all the time. He said he really doesn’t need anything else. Love seeing your kitteh photos too!

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