Thursday Sock-Along: My Best Gussets Yet

Oh blog, I’ve missed you! I was out of town for the weekend and then was down for the count for a couple of days with a GI thingy we really don’t need to discuss. I’m finally feeling up to tackling life and knitting and blogging again! What better way to tackle it all than with a post on socks?

So, my Petty Harbour socks continue. More accurately, sock, as I haven’t finished the first one yet. I did however turn the heel and am cruising down the foot, so it shouldn’t be long now.


My progress as of late this afternoon

I had a few minutes to stop by my LYS and knock out a handful of rounds. You can’t tell from this picture, but the gussets on this little beauty are my finest to date. Usually I get a little hole on one end of the heel flap or the other where the picked up stitches just aren’t quite right. On most of my other socks, I’ve picked up one or two more stitches than called for. These aren’t different in that respect as I picked up one extra on each side. What is different is how I handled that extra stitch. Previously, I have decreased them out of existence on the next row. This time, I just added one more decrease row. Voila–no hole!

While I’m waiting for these to be finished*, I can now start to plot my next pair. I had some credit and a free shipping code at jimmy beans that was set to expire today. While I was still sick, I browsed around for some yarn to use it on. You know I really wasn’t feeling well because I just couldn’t get excited about anything! Well, a day later I got the bright idea to use it on needles for TAAT toe up socks. So, I expect to soon receive two sets of 47″ Addi rockets, US0 and US1. That giant batch of yarn I got from freecycle recently included a ton of sock yarn, and I’m determined to work my way through as much of it as I can!

I’ve got lots of blog material to catch up on. I’ve won two yarn prizes I haven’t shared with you yet, I got a blogging award I haven’t done anything with, and I haven’t finished my 30 day knitting challenge deal. I also haven’t finished knitting my sword. I will try to get everything covered in the near future! In the meantime, I’ve started actually using my Instagram account. I can’t promise I’ll post much, but you can find me there as alexandknits if you’d like!

Want to read more about sock knitting? Head over to Paula’s blog at Spin A Yarn and Hannah’s at unsophisticated + jejune to see what they’re up to. Also, take a look at Iseago, our newest Thursday Socketeer, at nursingandknitting! Edited to add: also check out fiberandsustenance’s great post on afterthought heels here. Want to share your sock knitting exploits, too? Just post on or around a Thursday and feel free to link up. Happy sock knitting!

*My mom has pointed out that there’s no hurry to finish these as it will continue to be unbearably hot in Georgia for approximately forever.



  1. fiberandsustenance · June 30, 2016

    This looks great! I love the way the yarn looks in both the patterned and stockinette bits. I managed to get myself together enough to do a sock post this Thursday — jumping on the bandwagon!

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  2. Paula @ Spin a Yarn · June 30, 2016

    OMG! I love the stripes and the color. That’s a fantastic tip about decreasing! I would have never thought about that 🙂 You are so close to the finish line on the first sock. I’m excited to see what you have coming up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • alexand knits · July 1, 2016

      Thank you 🙂 The colors in the pic are a little brighter than IRL, but it’s fairly close. I’m super excited about finally getting the gusset to work out. I guess I really did need to do one more pair of cuff downs before moving on!

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  3. 1marylou · July 1, 2016

    Oooh…beautiful color with nicely placed strips.

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  4. I love this yarn you’ve got going on! It’s beautiful and very vibrant, which I love. Your gusset also looks very hole-less, well done! I haven’t been too good on that front for the second sock I’m working on right now. I usually pick up two extra, and then decrease them in the next row. But maybe I’ll try it your way the next pair as it looks a lot better! 🙂 and I will look for you on instagram too!

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