FO Spotlight: Zagzig Skirt

This project was another test knit for cashmerejunkie, aka Taiga Hilliard Designs. The knitting has been done for a while, and I even wove in the ends as I went! However, it needed elastic in the waistband to be really finished. I finally got that done the other day!

The rundown

Pattern: Zagzig Skirt by Taiga Hilliard Designs.

Yarn: A total of 205 yards of four different colors of Vanna’s Choice Solids. It’s an aran weight, 100% acrylic yarn. I think I got it all at the thrift store at one time or another! The pattern can be made in stripes, colorblock or solid.

Size made: 4T. The model is 3.5 yo.

Needles: US7s.

Techniques used: I used TECHknitter’s traveling jogless stripe technique for the stripes, but it wasn’t perfect. The zigzag pattern is both written out and charted and includes left twists and right twists.

Modifications: None except doing the colorblock/stripes.

Difficulty: Easy. This would be appropriate for an advanced beginner. The left and right twists in the zigzag pattern might be new to a beginner, but they’re not hard once you get the hang of them.

Ravelled: here.

The Pretty

FullSizeRender 352

This pic is after elastic but before washing. I didn’t bother blocking it exactly; since it’s acrylic it wouldn’t do much anyway. I did hang it to dry so that maybe the weight of it would pull the flared edge down a bit. It actually worked! It’s like that because I often am so focused on not binding off too tightly that I end up binding off way too loosely. If I made this again, I would try to avoid that.

She really didn’t want to pose or hold still for pictures, as usual. She mostly just wanted to twirl! But at least you get the basic idea of how the skirt looks and fits. It’s a little on the large side, but I think it will fit her just right in the fall/winter this year. Since it’s aran weight acrylic it’s on the warm side anyway, so that will probably be just right.

This was a quick and easy knit. My favorite part of this design is the waistband. The clever construction means you don’t have to do any sewing, and it’s very easy to execute. Also, it lies nicely and is very neat. The pattern is sized from newborn up to 10 years, so is very versatile. I don’t love the yarn I chose, but I had it on hand and it was right for the job. I like the colors and I like that it’s machine washable. Also, skirts can get some heavy wear and tear. With this one, I won’t be upset if (when) she decides to sit down on the sidewalk or brick, or otherwise put it through the normal small child wringer.

Some tips if you are thinking of making this: always slip stitches with the yarn in back. Also, if you’re doing any stripes, I would recommend not changing colors right before the zigzag pattern–do it at least three rows before as the twists pull on the fabric a bit and will otherwise give the color change row an uneven look. Overall, this was a fun knit and I could see myself making it again.

Happy knitting!



  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn · July 11, 2016

    Super adorable and it looks like she loves it! I bet it feels good to get some of the finishing done on those garments that have been waiting for them and being able to finally call it an FO! I just posted a link on FogKnits latest post about aggressive steam blocking for acrylic. You should check it out and see if it will work for this skirt 🙂 I’m posting here again so you don’t have to go looking!

    Liked by 2 people

    • alexand knits · July 11, 2016

      Thanks! The steam blocking worked great on your shawl! I’ll probably wait on the skirt and see how it wears. If it really flips up a lot, I might try to fix it. Or I might just consider it a design feature 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paula @ Spin a Yarn · July 11, 2016

        There is always that 😀 I just wanted to share since it worked so well for me. It looks super cute either way!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. MrsCraft · July 11, 2016

    Great job! It looks fab. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. afthead · July 12, 2016

    Your model appears to have some sass. Cute sass though!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Knit Potion · July 13, 2016

    Best model EVAHHHH!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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