I’m Knitting 0 for 3 Today

I spent most of my day bouncing from appointment to appointment. That meant periods of downtime…that I would typically spend knitting and listening to podcasts. Well, I knit the last couple of pre-heel rounds on my WTF, Stripes? socks. Then I looked for some waste yarn to use for the afterthought heel…nope, nothing in fingering weight. So, I figured I’d start my next spa cloth test knit. I pulled up the pattern, dug out my yarn, and looked for my needles…nope, forgot to put my US4s back in the case, so I didn’t have the right needles. Then, I figured I’d rustle up an older WIP and put in some work on that. I pulled out my Feathery Lace Stole and went to look up the pattern…nope, didn’t have it with me. By that time it was time for my next appointment, so all my knitting time was used up!


My Feathery Lace Stole, still languishing.

I’m planning to drown my sorrows (figuratively) at my LYS in a bit. They’re having a happy hour this evening, complete with “yarn tasting”. Sounds interesting! I’ll be sure to bring all the yarn, needles and patterns I need to actually get something done!

Happy knitting!

PS: If you are thinking about joining the Smooth Operator Socks KAL, the thread is up here!



  1. Paula @ Spin a Yarn · July 22, 2016

    Thanks for letting me know that the KAL is up! I’ve joined in 🙂 I have one take along project, which is my SockHead Hat. I’ve been working on it since July of last year…so that tells you how long I’ve been taking it a long 🙂 I get lots of compliments on it; however am so ready for it to be finished so I can cast on another one. Have fun at the happy hour! It sounds like a blast…you will have to let us know what the “yarn tastings” are like.

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    • alexand knits · July 22, 2016

      It was fun! There were a bunch of different yarns out with swatches started. You could see how they were knitted up. You could also continue with the swatch and see how it felt. It was a neat idea!

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  2. Blergh, missing out on prime knitting time can be so annoying! But LYS happy hour sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you get lots of good knitting time in there. Maybe I’ll join in on the Smooth Operation Socks once I get to my stash back in the states next week — yours and Paula’s are looking so good!

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    • alexand knits · July 22, 2016

      I got a few rows of sock done 🙂 I also spent some time sampling some of the yarns they had out. I would definitely recommend the Smooth Operator pattern–easy and very sleek! I think it’s going to be on sale for another week or so.

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  3. Stefanie · July 22, 2016

    Ho dang, you brave to knit w/that yarn. Mohair-silk blend like Kidsilk Haze?

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  4. Knit Potion · July 23, 2016

    Do you think the yarn is what’s causing your stole to languish? I started a scarf a month or so ago with Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and while I LOVE the look and feel of the yarn, knitting with it drives me batty. For awhile I was plugging along doing one repeat of the lace pattern per day, but then life got crazy, and this project was one of the first to fall by the wayside. I’ll finish it at some point, but I’m not expecting it to be a ton of fun.

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    • alexand knits · July 23, 2016

      Yeah, that’s part of it. I did eventually get the hang of it to the point that it wasn’t taking me forever anymore, but it’s still on the tedious side. The main reason I haven’t focused on it much is that it was kind of meant as a “sleeper” project that I would just finish whenever I finished. It’s for my mom, who lives in Georgia. So she won’t need it any time soon!

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