A Knitter With a Plan

I’m organized! Totally together! I’m planning ahead, and starting earl(ier than I usually do)! I’m SUPER KNITTER!!!! Well, okay, I won’t go overboard. But, I did add all my test knits to my queue and matched almost all of them up with yarn. I dug the needles out for the first few and put them with the yarn. I’m going to knit like the wind, weave in my ends as I go, and block stuff as soon as it’s off the needles. I’m going to sew on buttons, dang it! I’m going to channel some of OrangeSmoothie’s speed knitting mojo and get the proverbial ‘er done!

Check out my queue. If you dare. No, don’t–I’m embarrassed. Okay, do it, but don’t look at any of the due dates.

I cast on for one yesterday. It’s the Lancashire Dream cardigan by Gabrielle Danskknit. Being a test, it’s not published yet, but I will share a teaser pic! I’m making the 4 yo size for the little. I decided to use the same yarns I used to make the wifey’s Quicksilver so that they can coordinate. It’s going to be really stinking cute. It’s going to have stripes in reverse stockinette on the top and non-reversed solid color stockinette on the bottom. It’s a top down raglan design.


Click to see it on ravelry


You can tell I like that sort of color combination as it’s pretty similar to the mason jar cozy I made, also in the picture, at least 10+ years ago.

FullSizeRender 71


So far, I’m very happy with how the sweater is turning out.

In other news, I stumbled into quite the yarn haul a few days ago! I happened to see a freecycle email come through from a person who was giving away three garbage bags full of yarn. Well, if you know me at all, you know I can’t resist a bargain. What better bargain is there than free? So I sent her a response throwing my hat in the ring right away. We emailed back and forth for a bit and eventually agreed I could pick it up the next afternoon. The next afternoon, I already had plans to knit with a new friend I met on ravelry, so I took her along with me to pick up the yarn. We had a lovely conversation with the woman giving the yarn away–turns out she’s moving in a few months and is downsizing–and then took it all back to my friend’s house. We spread it all out on the floor and sorted through it. It was the most yarny fun I’ve had since the legendary Goodwill windfall of 2015! There was sock yarn, worsted yarn, bulky Lopi yarn, wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, blends…in short, a little bit of everything except straight up acrylic. It ran the gamut from very old stuff to new and nice stuff. I’ve started logging it in ravelry but it’s going to be a long job. Much of it is unlabeled so I need to make some guesses about what it might be, weight, yardage, etc. At least I don’t need to do any burn tests as the yarn giver (I think that should be her official title) didn’t include anything 100% acrylic.

It dawns on me now that I should have taken pictures of it spread out on the floor in all its glory, but I didn’t. You’ll have to make do with a smattering of stash pics! Here are some of the highlights so far:

And much, much, MUCH more! She also included several WIPs, many of which were socks. I ripped some of them out but saved a few. There’s a pair of sock toes started that I really like, so I’ll pick up the stitches on them and see if I can finish them up!

I think it’s safe to say that I have my work cut out for me. First, finish all these damn test knits! Second, find something to do with all this yarn! Happy knitting!


Somebody Stop Me!

It’s 9:30ish pm. I’m cold, drowsy and have had a long day. I’m thinking about having a glass of wine. And I want to work on the Hat of One Million Years (i.e. my Color Dipped Hat). You see, I FINALLY started the decreases today. I have put so much time and effort into this stupid hat (it’s not really stupid) and I am unbelievably excited to have it off the needles soon. It’s been through multiple frogs and tinks, has been reworked and fixed and coaxed into being, and has generally been the bane of my knitting existence for about two months now. That might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. That one big frog caused some serious angst and a lot of time to recover from!


The problem with working on it now? Glad you asked! I’ve found I really need natural light and a vaguely fresh brain to avoid making mistakes. Mistakes that are really, really, really hard to fix. The fingering weight charcoal yarn is just not good late evening knitting fodder. Fatigue and wine are about the perfect things to combine with this project…if I want to screw up royally and have to rip the whole damn thing out!

So yeah. Stop me. I’m begging you!


PS–I have yet another gratitude to the knitting world post brewing (remember that…it’s a pun) because I am the lucky recipient of a copy of the ebook, The Tea Collection by Clare Devine (do you get the pun now?) Being a raised-Episcopalian-yet-lesbionically-paganish-non-religious-spiritual-church-music-lover, I don’t tend to use the word “blessed” much, but I think it’s time to whip it out. It seems like I’m winning the knitting lottery almost every day right now! Many thanks to Orange Smoothie Knits for this one!