A Plug and Some Random Knitting Thoughts

First and foremost, I need to share this with you: if you are not familiar with GG of GGmadeit.com then please, take a moment and go check her site out. She’s a knitter/crocheter, blogger and etsy shop owner who has just launched her own comprehensive site. I SHOULD wait until after her swag bag giveaway so I don’t decrease my own chances of winning, but I won’t do that (I like you guys too much). I think her blog speaks to me because she talks about how yarn and knitting have changed her life and helped her get through some hard stuff, and that’s pretty much what I’m all about. So yes, go look and give her some love if you feel so inclined. I promise I won’t delete this post while you’re gone*.

Okay, on to the random knitting thoughts. While sitting at a coffee shop this morning, having a coffee and doing some knitting, the person at the table next to me commented and we started chatting a little bit. She did some casual knitting for a while and, being European, first learned continental knitting. We talked a little about the differences and I remembered how in college I switched to continental for a while. I got pretty quick with it but then went through a little knitting hiatus. When I picked the needles back up, I went back to my old throwing ways. Since then I’ve become more of a flicker than a thrower, mostly because I tend to work with smaller needles and yarn these days and it’s just easier. 

I looked at the project on my lap, my Sunshine Shawl, and realized it would be an easy, forgiving project to try switching on. Fogknits, I read on your blog the other day that you successfully made the switch so I know it’s possible. I just don’t know if it’s practical, especially now when I have a holiday knitting list a mile long. I’ll probably be going back to work soonish and my knitting time will be limited. Would it make sense to slow myself down so much while getting used to a new style?

Also, I read a post a while ago (sorry, have forgotten the blogger) about someone who switched from continental to cottage style (search that and “yarn harlot” on YouTube for some fascinating videos) due to pain from repetitive stress injury. If I switched to continental would I later have to switch to something else? How many people develop strain from continental style? More importantly, how exactly do you consistently tension the yarn with your left hand? Need to know, knitters…need to know. 

I tried a few knit stitches. My left hand flopped around awkwardly and my right needle stabbed at the working yarn like a budding serial killer. I could get better at it but it would probably be a long path. 

So what do you all think? Switch, or don’t mess with a decent thing? Switch now or after gift knitting is done (if it’s ever done)?

*Disclaimer about this and all plugs on my blog: my opinion has not been solicited or coerced in any way, and I’m not receiving any compensation unless I happen to be lucky enough to win the giveaway!