Pay It Forward Day

Today is (was) a day of paying the proverbial “it” forward. Don’t get too excited–I’m still on hiatus. I just wanted to stop by to share some good karma.

Yesterday, I had a job interview. It went very, very well. I am guardedly optimistic about it but, with all the shit I’ve been dealing with lately, it’s hard to let myself hope too much. So, I unconsciously started throwing good vibes out into the ether. I think that’s my brain’s way of hoping for the best.

Today, I:

-sent three packages of fibery goodness out to some virtual friends

-bartered my finishing services for a coffee mug from my LYS (instead of charging)

-gave a bunch of cute stuff to my daughter’s nanny

-found a new home for a bunch of tapestry/needlepoint yarn that was given to me

-generally worked to maintain a positive outlook

I’m happy with my day. Even if the good juju doesn’t come back to me in the way that I’m hoping, I know that it will come back.

All the same, keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂



High Ate Us

Things are…tenuous ’round my parts, to say the least. I’m dealing with a rather unbelievable number of stressors right now. I barely have the energy to knit (which says something), much less blog. 

So, I am officially taking a bit of a break. I have awesome projects to share when I come back.