The 30 Day Knitting Challenge – Day 20

Day 20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

It’s funny that this question popped up so close to WWKIP Day! I knit in public all the time–in waiting rooms and coffee shops, mostly. I also knitted my way through many, many lectures when I was in nursing school ten years ago. You’d think that would detract from my ability to listen and retain information, but it’s just the opposite. Something about knitting actually helps me focus more, not less. Provided it’s a simple knit, that is.

I’ve never known anyone to be offended by my knitting in public. However, I am sometimes pretty oblivious to stuff like that, so I might not always notice unless someone said something to me. No one ever has. For the most part, people seem interested in what I’m doing. I’ve had some nice chats with fellow knitters and aspiring knitters alike.

Happy Solstice and happy knitting!


The 30 Day Knitting Challenge is the creation of Meggiewes who blogs at Knitting in Wonderland.


One comment

  1. Stefanie · June 21, 2016

    Ppl shouldn’t be offended unless one was maybe knitting a naughty bit. I missed KIP on the official day but I knit when I take my 9 year old to the allergist to get her weekly, four shots. We have to wait around for at least 20 minutes to see if she has a reaction as they up the antibodies each week.

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