I’m Not Much For “Days of the Week” Posts, But…

But I have a WIP, and it is Wednesday, so I might as well participate. I am just about bursting at the seams because I have 2 pattern repeats (8 rows total) then 4 rows garter stitch and I will be done the knitting for my Old Shale kids blanket! I think it’s going to be even longer than I originally thought, and that’s awesome. I kind of love it!


I think that I will actually hand sew the ends in. Since this yarn is cotton tape, there’s no way to really secure the ends without knotting them, and I don’t want to mess with the texture that much. My daughter has started asking for it, so I’m excited that soon I will be able to let her wrap up in it. It’s large enough that she will be able to use it for a good while yet, and then I think it will make a nice lap blanket.

As I find older projects/WIPs, I’ve been adding them to my ravelry page so I can start to fill in some of the gaps. One thing I pulled out the other day was a Mason Jar cozy. I made it in 2005 or thereabouts. The base is doubled and was inspired by the Kureyon Kozy pattern from Knitty Winter ’04. The rest is improvised. I used random worsted weight wool from my stash. The stripes were made with the “jogless jog” technique but have since deteriorated a little from wear.

IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3272 2

I think I might make one or two more sometime soon. The only change I would make on a new one would be incorporating a smidge more negative ease. The one I have has stretched a little. I’m sort of afraid to wash it as I don’t know if the wool was superwash or not. I might just gently handwash it and see what happens.

I also made a couple of Kureyon Kozies. I think I still have one somewhere. I will have to dig it out and share it, too. It was a really fun pattern, and I remember that it really challenged me as a knitter. I got really good at using dpns from that pattern and I used the base for other projects as well. I made a few doubled circular potholders and learned how to do a three needle bind off in the process. The Kozy pattern also helped me learn how to do I cord.


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  1. Lindsey · July 22, 2015

    The color is lovely! Looks so snugly!

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